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My experiences at NullCon 2014

Finally, NullCon 2014 broke my inertia and pulled me back to my blog. Experience taught me that large tech meets will give wonderful memories which will soon be forgotten. So I thought of recording my little experiences in my blog, which for sure I will cherish for years to come.  Undoubt... [More]

Contributing to CSI communications

I have been busy with multiple projects in the last few months and couldn't spend much time on my blogging activities. However, I have been contributing to IT community on a larger scale by writing articles for Computer Society of India. So far I have written 7 articles (July 2013 - Jan 2014) on web... [More]

Automating tasks with headless browsers

PhantomJS is a headless browsers (based on Webkit) and is a useful tool in a web developer's toolkit.  Headless browsers are browsers without a user interface and can be invoked via command line. Most of the browsers functionalities such as network traffic analysis, screen shot capture etc. ar... [More]

Third party content-The paradoxes of the web

When the World Wide Web started, it was just a bunch of static HTML pages which are interconnected by hyperlinks. More importantly, each website had content which was loaded from its own server (technically speaking, no cross origin content). Today, the web we browse daily has content which originat... [More]

Microsoft MVP award - One more time

Elated and excited! This is the fourth consecutive year that I have received Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. This time too, I got it in "Internet Explorer" category. Here are some of the useful links that can help interested folks: >> About Microsoft MVP award program:&nb... [More]

Talks at Techny 2013 and MUGH Feb meet

Glad to say that I had the opportunity to interact with a large student gathering at Warangal. The event was Techny 2013 and there were about 600+ energetic and enthusiastic students. I have presented on topics covering security of the modern web, the role of browsers and opportunities for rese... [More]