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I have been busy with multiple projects in the last few months and couldn't spend much time on my blogging activities. However, I have been contributing to IT community on a larger scale by writing articles for Computer Society of India. So far I have written 7 articles (July 2013 - Jan 2014) on web security for CSI communications, the monthly magazine of CSI India. You may check the magazine at Glad to see interesting questions from students, IT professionals and academicians on topics related to web security.

Starting Jan 2014, I shall be back to blogging and will share some of the interesting research activities I came across, which will help web developers and web security enthusiasts. On the other note, I have participated at Devthon 0.5 and started hacking a static blog generator based on Docpad. For now, check my Github repository for details. Will blog more about it soon.

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