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Inspire the web with just 10K!

That was the caption of the 10K coding challenge hosted by An Event Apart, in association with MIX Online. The challenge is to build a web app in less than 10 KiloBytes. The rules are: Total file size, including images, scripts & markup, can’t be over 10K. Apps should work equally... [More]

Understanding callbacks for chaining JavaScript methods

In continuation with my previous article on creating a chainable JavaScript toolbox, I would like to show how we can leverage JavaScript callbacks for enhanced functionality. As said previously, this is how libraries are designed and the concept is nothing new. This is just an attempt to explain c... [More]

Web based presentation tools for web devs

The term "presentation" has almost become synonymous with Microsoft Office PowerPoint. Yup, without doubt it is the sole leader among s/w for presenting stuff and is improving in every version, the only problem being - difficulty in sharing the presentation. With the emergence of Web 2.... [More]