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Microsoft MVP Award and my two cents

First of all, I’m really happy and proud to say that I’ve received Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for the third consecutive year. YaY!! I’ve received my first MVP award in 2010 under “ASP.NET” category and in 2011, 2012 under “Internet Explorer&r... [More]

NovoGeek 2.010

2010 has proved to be a very successful year in my career-personally and professionally, giving me lots of good experiences. Though I write only technical articles in my blog, I thought to go a bit offline and write a more personal article towards the end of this great year, sort of introspecti... [More]!!

Restructured my site Moved my technical blog from to the root. Created a new subdomain - Labs.NovoGeek.Net for my little experiments. Placed only few important demos as of now. Will slowly move all my silly/stupid code snippets there :) Update(11th May, 2009)... [More] is up & running!

Finally, is up after several sleepless nights:) . I was determined to start it once all my ideas are implemented but the options I had were too many. So I thought I should publish whatever I had and then append my ideas to it. Plz read the "About" link in the start page ... [More]