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Filtering .NET 3.5 returned JSON with jQuery

In .NET 3.5, when a Web service class is decorated with “ScriptService” attribute, the web service returns data in JSON format [MSDN]. I have demonstrated this with a simple example in the article, Passing JSON objects in .NET 3.5. Let us consider that our “person” ... [More]

Passing JSON objects in .NET 3.5

In my previous post, I have explained how to pass complex types using jQuery and JayRock in .NET 2.0 framework. I was digging a bit into Dave’s example (using complex types to make calling services less complex) in .NET 3.5 framework, to find how easier JSON serilaization/deserialization can b... [More]

Beware – jQuery unbind() vs removeAttr()

Here is a jQuery bug which suck few hours of my time: unbind() works only on events attached using jQuery. removeAttr() does not work on events added using jQuery Confusing? Here is the scenario which explains better: I have a server side asp button(btnTest), for which an &... [More]!!

Restructured my site Moved my technical blog from to the root. Created a new subdomain - Labs.NovoGeek.Net for my little experiments. Placed only few important demos as of now. Will slowly move all my silly/stupid code snippets there :) Update(11th May, 2009)... [More]

Converting ASP.NET DataTable to JSON using JayRock

Beginners using jQuery plugins and jQuery AJAX with ASP.NET get stuck with one common problem-converting datatable to JSON. This conversion is necessary since JSON can be easily parsed in JavaScript and also most plugins expect data in JSON format, though that can be altered. On googling, I fo... [More]

Performance improvement in browsers-John Resig

A beautiful presentation given by John Resig, creator of jQuery, at Google. John covers the latest improvements in the modern browsers namely Firefox 3.1, Safari 4.0, Internet Explorer 8.0, Google Chrome and Opera 10. You can find the video presentation here @ Youtube and the pdf format of the prese... [More]

How to use ASP .NET without Javascript?

In ASP.NET, we are used to drag/drop server controls and quickly finish the task, though we do not concentrate much on how they work. The problem arises when JavaScript is disabled in the user's browser, as some of these controls do not work. Also, if you have rich AJAX features in you... [More]