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Overriding jQuery/JavaScript functions using closures

Function overriding is an important feature in any programming language. In advanced languages like .NET, Java, it can be accomplished easily through a set of key words. But this is not the same in JavaScript and this is where closures come to your rescue. This article is not something new. Infact... [More]

Check for unsaved data on your web forms using jQuery

One of the most important Usability requirements in business applications is, to periodically inform the users when there is any unsaved data on their web pages. This can be seen in email apps like Live mail/Gmail (compose a new mail and try to navigate to Inbox, without saving or sending the mail. ... [More]

Handling AJAX exceptions of ASP.NET using jQuery

Exception handling is an important feature in any business application. In simple words, it is all about catching ugly errors thrown by server and displaying them in a user friendly manner to the end user. (Of course, logging exceptions/notifications etc may also be a part of exception handling. ) ... [More]

Client side localization in ASP.NET using jQuery

Localization is a very important feature required in medium-large scale business applications. As always, ASP.NET makes developers life easy by providing inbuilt localization mechanism. Using resource files, all the elements in a web page can be localized. However, if you are building a rich clien... [More]

jQuery UI AJAX Tabs – few hiccups & resolutions

Developers who have tried jQuery UI Tabs plugin might have tried AJAX mode, which is really useful in meeting several requirements. The documentation clearly explains how to start using AJAX tabs.  However, there would be few hiccups if the plugin is not clearly understood. Below are some of th... [More]

Using jQuery cluetip plugin for validation callouts.

Displaying validation messages using callouts is a good way of educating the user on what has to be filled on the form. ASP.NET AJAX's Validator callout does a good job in this aspect. But how about implementing the same using jQuery? I was googling for this and quickly came across jQu... [More]