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jQuery for absolute beginners.

I have given a KT (Knowledge Transfer) session on jQuery for my colleagues today. Instead of routine power point stuff, I made a jQuery based web page for presenting the content. My friend and guru @ office, Mr.Praveen Reddy, guided me and shared really good demos, which are apt for beginners. ... [More]

Drag/Drop shopping cart using jQuery

Most of the AJAX introduction sessions give a demonstration of drag/drop features. I've attended an AJAX session 1 year back and wondered.."Will I ever be able to do such an amazing drag/drop cart?" Hehe..thanks to jQuery UI. Drag/drop  isn't a magic anymore! Here is a d... [More]

Twitter initiated war to kill IE6 !!

All that started with a simple tweet by a Norwegian developer Erlend Schei. He came up with an idea to display an "Upgrade" message on IE6 browsers for his websites and suddenly, all major websites of Norway adopted it, thereby declaring a war on IE6. According to, even... [More]

ASP.NET AJAX Accordion postback problem, jQuery's solution!!

Hi folks,| I would like to share a bitter experience I faced for one long week and a beautiful solution I found today :) It goes like this: The Requirement: There is a web page contains hundreds of checkboxes, textboxes and dropdowns. All these controls are dynamically built in code behind. O... [More]

Tables Vs Divs...what to chose for better UI?

I was lucky enough in getting a chance to solve certain browser compatibility issues in UI design of a certain web project. The problem is, they are using "div" tags to hold content, but these tags are not styled properly with CSS. As most of the UI designers (who, like me,  are addic... [More]

Unobtrusive JavaScript with jQuery

Last night my friend Deepak called me from UK(onsite) and asked me how a web application(with javascript) can be made to behave normally even though javascript is disabled in the browser. Though I saw this phrase "Unobtrusive Javascript" many times, I din't bot... [More]

Speed up your web pages with YSlow!

Caught this beautiful firefox plugin, YSlow on delicious and thought it's worth mentioning here. From Yahoo Developer Network - YSlow analyzes web pages and tells you why they're slow based on the rules for high performance web sites. YSlow is a Firefox add-on integrated with the popular... [More]

The Ultimate JavaScript book for the modern Web Developer!

I was lucky to get a copy of the book Pro Javascript Techniques written by my hero, John Resig. Initially, I thought it is just another routine book on javascript. But believe me, the first few pages of it will change ur notion of javascript from a mere validation stuff to a gr8 programming f... [More]

Happy Birthday to jQuery!

 jQuery is three years old today, after being released way back on January 14th, 2006 at the first BarCampNYC by John Resig. Below are the big features of this release (taken from jQuery's blog): Sizzle: A sizzlin’ hot CSS selector engine. Live Events: Event delegation with ... [More]