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Talks at Techny 2013 and MUGH Feb meet

Glad to say that I had the opportunity to interact with a large student gathering at Warangal. The event was Techny 2013 and there were about 600+ energetic and enthusiastic students. I have presented on topics covering security of the modern web, the role of browsers and opportunities for research along these lines. Though I could share the ppt, I restrained from the idea since it had code snippets which can be misused. For students who attended my talk, you may go through all my blog posts to have a better understanding and also stay glued at the upcoming ones.

Students at Techny 2013

Apart from mine, the other two sessions were: "Developing & Monitizing Windows 8 Apps" by Shravan (Microsoft MVP, ASP.NET) and "Building Gesture Enable and Speech Recognize Applications Using Kinect " by Abhijit Jana (Consultant, Microsoft). While the students found the sessions useful (evident from interactive discussions and Q&A's), we as speakers enjoyed even more. We neither had such events nor industry exposure during our undergrad days and the little knowledge we acquired is only through self motivation. Nice that we could guide these enthusiastic folks and motivate them to pursue their passions.

Also, I gave a talk on "Browser security policies and privacy on the web" at MUGH Feb 2013 meet. I shall write a series of posts on these concepts very soon. Stay glued :-)

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