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Power conserved is power Generated!

Please hibernate your PCs to save electricity. Steps to enable hibernations are given as below.

This works in windows XP and above.

1] Go to start à control panel à Power settings.

2] Go to ‘hibernate’ tab and click on ‘enable hibernation ‘

Once this is done, the PC will have a ‘hibernate’ option also when you shut down the PC. You can as well use the same instead of shut down.

3] Go back to control panel, scheduled tasks

4] Add a new scheduled task (right click à new scheduled task). Name it as Hibernate

5] Right click à properties.

6] In the run option, copy paste the following

C:\WINDOWS\System32\rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState

7] Check the Run only if logged on checkbox.

8] Go to Schedule tab and schedule it to run on ‘n’ minutes of being idle

If this can be added in every PC, then even if you are lazy to do a manual hibernate, it will automatically do the same if the system is idle for the specified number of minutes.  All you need is to lock the PC and go home and start it the next day! 

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