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Filtering .NET 3.5 returned JSON with jQuery

In .NET 3.5, when a Web service class is decorated with “ScriptService” attribute, the web service returns data in JSON format [MSDN]. I have demonstrated this with a simple example in the article, Passing JSON objects in .NET 3.5. Let us consider that our “person” ... [More]

Passing JSON objects in .NET 3.5

In my previous post, I have explained how to pass complex types using jQuery and JayRock in .NET 2.0 framework. I was digging a bit into Dave’s example (using complex types to make calling services less complex) in .NET 3.5 framework, to find how easier JSON serilaization/deserialization can b... [More]

Beware – jQuery unbind() vs removeAttr()

Here is a jQuery bug which suck few hours of my time: unbind() works only on events attached using jQuery. removeAttr() does not work on events added using jQuery Confusing? Here is the scenario which explains better: I have a server side asp button(btnTest), for which an &... [More]

Happy Birthday to jQuery!

 jQuery is three years old today, after being released way back on January 14th, 2006 at the first BarCampNYC by John Resig. Below are the big features of this release (taken from jQuery's blog): Sizzle: A sizzlin’ hot CSS selector engine. Live Events: Event delegation with ... [More]

Rounded corners-a web 2.0 style!

News aggregation, drag/drop feature, zero post backs give the start page some of the web2.0 fragrances. An addition to this is rounded corners to divs using this jQuery plugin. Basic implementation is very easy but I felt the pinch when it came to changing corner color with theme. The default blue c... [More]

jQuery style switcher added :)

Just added style switcher using jquery. It changes stylesheets without page reload. Thanks to Kelvin Luck for the concept :) Facing some problems during initial loading. Will be rectified very soon.

jQuery and Microsoft!!

A good news to all jQuery and ASP.NET lovers! Microsoft supports jQuery and announces to ship it with the coming versions of Visual Studio!! Plz check the blog of Scott Gu (Corporate Vice President in Microsoft) and the blog of John Resig (creator of jQuery library!) for more info.

Rock On with JQuery & JayRock!!

I was telling in one of my previous blogs regarding mashups. Since then, I have been working on AJAX related stuff in my free time[ @ office also? :-) ]. As I told you, I was very much impressed by Omar Al Zabir's site. I was lucky enough to get a copy of his book and read it for few days. I can... [More]