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Handling AJAX exceptions of ASP.NET using jQuery

Exception handling is an important feature in any business application. In simple words, it is all about catching ugly errors thrown by server and displaying them in a user friendly manner to the end user. (Of course, logging exceptions/notifications etc may also be a part of exception handling. ) ... [More]

Passing JSON objects in .NET 3.5

In my previous post, I have explained how to pass complex types using jQuery and JayRock in .NET 2.0 framework. I was digging a bit into Dave’s example (using complex types to make calling services less complex) in .NET 3.5 framework, to find how easier JSON serilaization/deserialization can b... [More]

Reading RSS feeds in ASP.NET

I was trying to build a nice home page for my site and was googling around for web 2.0 sites. Suddenly, I landed on and then on I then thought of building a mashup start page.So, tried to understand how Microsoft Popfly (an online mashup creator) works. Though its a excell... [More]